Visualize asset performance. Boost reliability.

Optimize and manage timely customer communications to get the most value from your investment.

Automated Billing and Customer Analytics To Power Your Business.


Get more revenue, market share from better pricing.

Better manage all your demand streams by applying innovative pricing, yield and hybrid models simultaneously. Take price sensitivity of demand and competitive pricing effects into account during the analysis – not post-process – to ensure greater accuracy. And because the optimization model includes overbooking, you can minimize unused inventory while maintaining accurate pricing.

Focus on pricing strategies – not data manipulation.

Flexible analytics lets you include whatever data you think might be relevant to your pricing. This means you can spend less time manipulating data and more time making strategic decisions.

Business Insight - Act On It


A dynamic, interactive environment that lets you visually explore your data. Real-time report creation that gets information into the hands of the right people at the right time so everyone can make well-informed, fact-based decisions. Easy information sharing that encourages collaboration and smarter decision making in a high-quality, easy-to-understand format.

  • Determine which customers are most likely to lapse or cancel services by using predictive analytics to identify behaviors that signal attrition so you can do something about it before it happens – not when it's too late.
  • Spend less time manipulating data and more time making strategic decisions
  • Automated pattern recognition ensures accuracy with the right level of detail
  • Grow products per customer and customer lifetime value using event-based marketing to deliver relevant, personalized offers that are perfectly timed.
  • Get a single view of the customer by bringing together all customer data, regardless of source
  • Monitor more transactions and risks in less time – while reducing associated costs and effort – with a system that integrates anti-fraud and anti-money laundering processes.
  • Get more accurate results and respond more decisively to changing market dynamics by analyzing numerous scenarios simultaneously
  • Spend less time managing data with a consistent set of policies and processes that ensures your data’s conformity with established policies and regulatory standards