Media Revenue Management & Price Optimization Analytics

Accurate inventory valuation and demand forecasts. Better pricing decisions, better management and greater profitability.

Automated Billing and Customer Analytics To Power Your Business.


Get more revenue, market share from better pricing.

Better manage all your demand streams by applying innovative pricing, yield and hybrid models simultaneously. Take price sensitivity of demand and competitive pricing effects into account during the analysis – not post-process – to ensure greater accuracy. And because the optimization model includes overbooking, you can minimize unused inventory while maintaining accurate pricing.

Focus on pricing strategies – not data manipulation.

Flexible analytics lets you include whatever data you think might be relevant to your pricing. This means you can spend less time manipulating data and more time making strategic decisions.

Ensure A Correct Price


New sales opportunities that lead to more valuable customer relationships. Proactive retention strategies that help you hold on to your most desirable customers. Unlock insights hidden in your customer data and use this knowledge to retain your most valuable customers and acquire more like them. And reduce your marketing costs while improving your overall profitability.

  • Use demand modeling and forecasting to optimize both promotional price and ad placement to capture a bigger share of your market
  • Create accurate product bundles and rate plans that optimize every item across all channels
  • Plan and manage sales, margin and inventory turns across all categories
  • Understand your customers better than ever and drive your marketing efforts forward with a complete view of the customer across all products and distribution channels.
  • Plan and execute more relevant, targeted, personalized customer services across all channels
  • Improve all aspects of your organization's financial health
  • Generate forecasts that reflect the realities of your business so you get the right products to the right locations at the right times