Flexible Pricing

Enable any combination of subscription, metered usage or one-time service plans. Include add-on or one-time charges to any subscription, at any time.

Automated Billing and Customer Analytics To Power Your Business.

Powerful Features, Easy to Use

At Thaeres, we care about your customers as much as you do. We understand that customer loyalty is crucial to your business and to your revenue. That is why our platform works behind the scenes with a completely customizable solution putting your brand recognition in the forefront. Your customers can access their billing information anywhere, anytime through your company’s branded customer login or app.

Connect With Your Customers

Offer personalization of payment methods, billing dates and even split payments by individual. Determine your best customers and reward them with personalized rewards programs.

Grow Your Business

Track financial data in real time and make more informed business decisions. Explore your sales trends down to the last detail. Review sales of individual plans or how they affect individual customers.

Track Your Revenues In Real Time

Track sales data in real time and make informed business decisions. Discover your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth with the custom dashboard. Highlight the key indicators that matter to your business.

See Which Services Are Performing

Discover new insights about your business with Thaeres' analytics. Highlight your best performing service plans, product items and even customers. Define and deliver loyalty programs that are personalized to each customer - all automatically.